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【Call for proposals!】Wei-Bin Chen Alumni Foundation Subsidy Measures for Funding Innovative Products - Application Deadline: Nov. 30th, 2023.

update date : 2023-11-15



Dear faculty members!

To commercialize the research achievements and facilitate technology transfer or licensing collaborations, faculties can submit an application to the R&D Office to apply for the " Wei-Bin Chen Alumni Foundation Subsidy Measures for Funding Innovative Products.


  1. 本校教職員曾申請過創新產品製作補助者,須基於項目研發目標明確評估值得繼續完成者,且有計劃性的帶領學生製作創新產品者,可提出申請。
  2. 申請項目之智慧財產所有權人為學校。

I. Qualification for Application:

  1. Faculties of our school who have previously applied and were granted for innovative product development program, evaluated as deserving continuation based on the project's research and development goals, and have planned to involve students in producing innovative products may apply.
  2. The intellectual property rights for the proposed project must belong to  MCUT.


  1. 提案研發項目有可能實現商品化者。
  2. 提案研發項目預期未來有可轉化商用價值者。
  3. 提案研發項目成果可能突破當前工程技術難題者。


II.Types of Subsidy:

  1. Research and development projects that may achieve commercialization.
  2. Research and development projects that are expected to have convertible commercial value in the future.
  3. Research and development projects that may break through current engineering technological challenges.

For projects that meet one of the criteria, applicants shall submit a concept proposal for application. The maximum grant is up to 1 million. (NTD).


申請人依年度申請公告通知,填寫計畫申請表(表號: A0XD030101 )、構想計畫書(表號:A0XD030201),經系、院主管核簽後送研發處產學合作發展中心申請。由產學合作發展中心彙整送研發成果評量委員會進行審查會議,申請人應親自列席報告及答詢,必要時得聘請校外專家學者審查,審查通過後開始執行。

III. Application Procedures:

The Applicants shall fill out a project application form (Form No.: A0XD030101) and concept pproposal (Form No.: A0XD030201) in accordance with the annual application announcement notice, which must be approved and signed by the department and college heads. Applications must be submitted to the Industry-University Collaboration Center of the Office of Research and Development for approval. The Industry-University Collaboration Center shall then evaluate and submit the research and development results to the R&D Outcomes Assessment Committee for a review meeting. Applicants shall personally attend the meeting to make a report and answer questions. If necessary, external experts and scholars may be hired for review. Once the projects are approved after review, the Applicants can start to proceed the program.


IV. Application Deadline: Applications are accepted from now until Nov. 30th, 2023.



V. Key Review Points:

Commercialization of research and development results: product development capabilities and experience of the team, product concept, competitive market analysis of related technologies, future development direction and expected benefits, technology transfer evaluation, product costs, and rationality of fund allocation, with the priority given where an enterprise intends to cooperate on developing the results.



VI. Allocation of Subsidy Fund:

The subsidy fund can be allocated as business expenses such as research assistant fees(cannot exceed 50% of the total grant amount) and consumables costs, and cannot be allocated as capital expenses.



VII. Planning and Control:

Applicants for commercialization of research and development results shall facilitate the progress of implementation in terms of the degree of Effectiveness of commercialization and implementation rate of funds, and conduct mid-term and final reviews. If necessary, on-site inspections shall be conducted.



VIII. Execution Schedule: From Jan 1st, 2024, to Nov. 30th, 2024.

In principle, the execution is one year, and the write-off of funds shall be completed in conjunction with accounting periods by the end of July and December.


  1. 申請人應於計畫執行期限結束後二個月內繳交結案報告至研發處產學合作發展中心,以便辦理結案,實物作品之所有權歸學校並由所屬單位留存備查,若先前無專利者,執行期限結束後六個月內須進行專利申請,相關專利申請費用依本校「專利申請補助及維護管理辦法」進行。
  2. 研發處產學合作發展中心將成果彙整送研發成果評量委員會議審查,申請人應親自列席報告,以利審查程序之進行,審查結果將作為下次申請案審核之參考。

IX. Implementation Effectiveness and Notices:

1.     Applicants shall submit a completion report to the Industry-University Collaboration Center of the Office of Research and Development within two months of the end of the planned execution term, so as to close the project. The ownership of physical works belongs to MCUT, and such works are kept by its affiliated units for future reference. If there is no prior patent for the works, a patent application must be made within six months of the end of the execution. The relevant patent application fees shall be disbursed in accordance with MCUT’s "Management Measures for Patent Application Subsidy and Maintenance".

2.     The Industry-University Collaboration Center of the Office of Research and Development will evaluate the results and submit them to the R&D Outcomes Assessment Committee for review. Applicants shall personally attend the meeting and make a report, to facilitate the review process. The review results will serve as a reference for the next project application review.


If you have any questions, please contact Chang Yu fang, the Industry-University Collaboration Center of the Office of Research and Development, campus extension: 3039.

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