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Office Affairs


Industry-University Collaboration Center was founded in 2009. The Center integrates the business of the Innovation Incubator Center and the the Research Section of Technology Collaboration Center; takes charge of various kinds of correspondences between Ming Chi and the industries. The Center will continue to strengthen its functions and promote the efficiency of industry-university collaboration. Our aim is to make Ming Chi the first choice for industries in terms of research and development, and provides the best candidates of employees for the industries.

※The Center can help:

1. integrate different departments of industry-university collaboration

2. hold promotion activities of industry-university collaboration.

3. apply for industry-university projects.

4. encourage teachers and students to participate in industry-university collaboration projects.

5. create friendly atmosphere of industry-university collaboration on campus and develop a special area for industry-university collaboration.

6. develop the platform for industry-university collaboration exchanges.

7. apply for patents.

8. cooperate the teachers as a technical team. 

9. hold conferences for intellectual property rights

10. support related exhibits such as photoelectric exhibit, invention exhibit and automatic industry exhibit.